The Change Maker’s Playbook arose out of my experiences serving as one of the world’s first corporate chief innovation officers. 

Tasked with transforming a proud, successful business that was nonetheless facing near-certain disruption, I began to build a cross-sector support system of innovation leaders, at both early-stage startups and large enterprises. Across vastly different businesses the themes and patterns were so similar that people assumed to have little in common could quite literally finish each other’s sentences.

The Change Maker's Playbook Infographic

The Change Maker's Playbook Infographic
How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company

Once I left the corporate world my passion and purpose became finding ways to share change makers’ hard-won expertise, knowledge, lessons learned and wisdom with those who continue to operate within the polarities of innovation — who wrestle with its coolness and threat, inevitability and unpredictability, attractiveness yet avoidance-inducing — and remain undeterred.

Change makers follow a path that is neither clear nor secure. Their days do not lead to a guarantee of rewards, and their work cannot be defined by a programmable answer. But, by unpacking their methods, behaviors and mindsets, aspiring change makers can better their odds.

This book presents the nine-step Seek, Seed and Scale framework, an iterative, uncommonly pragmatic methodology to:



Uncover the customer insight-based discoveries that are the bases for understanding and meeting people’s real needs



Build and validate viable, real-world business models



Anticipate and deliver with commercial strength on customers’ continuously changing needs

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The world desperately needs change makers.
To the extent this Playbook continues to contribute to their success, I will have helped to fulfill that need and made the journey better.

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Amy Radin Change This Manifesto

Change makers deliver innovation at scale.
Learn the seven attributes of successful change makers.

Radin’s Seek, Seed and Scale framework should be in the workspace of any leader who wants to create sustainable franchises and shape the future (and not be undone by the forces at play in today’s world).

Ashok Vaswani
President, Pagaya; Former Global Consumer and Payments Head, Barclays