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Innov8rs Learning Lab

What qualities set teams up for innovation success?

The Innovation Storytellers Show

How Citi’s First Global CIO Created an Innovation Culture

Catalyst Constellations

Customer obsession & focus on results

Banking Strategies

The best of the best in financial services innovation

Be Customer Led

Amy Radin on CX for the CEO and in the Boardroom

Lattes with Leaders

How to bridge start-ups and corporates to innovate

Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks Episode 447: Fintech’s Getting Spicy

Insurance Thought Leadership

A Conversation on Corporate Strategy: An On-Demand Webinar

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Amy is a leader who is demanding and relentless in the pursuit of the great.

In The Change Maker’s Playbook she shares her philosophy and methods to transform ‘out-there’ ideas into new real world business models that can change businesses’ growth trajectories and how brands engage with their customers.

Kahina Van Dyke
Global Head, Digital Channels & Client Data Analytics; Standard Chartered Bank Board Member, Progressive Insurance