I equip and inspire innovators and their teams to create results.

We all now face the imperative to innovate. I work with leaders to do so with vision and pragmatism.

The degree of change and disruption happening now means that relying upon what used to work, no matter how successfully, has become an untenable strategy.

The challenge? Innovation is a non-negotiable, yet can be costly, complex, and results are not at all assured.

I offer pragmatic and proven methods to de-risk and deliver innovation results, even under uncertain and unpredictable conditions.

How I work with clients

I begin by understanding:

  • Business priorities demanding innovation
  • The organization’s customers, culture and capabilities
  • How success will be measured

I then work with clients to develop and implement a tailored approach that fits with the organization’s priorities, people and resources, and that will enable success.

I look forward to understanding your innovation needs and challenges.

Tailored keynotes for any audience’s needs

In uncommonly pragmatic language, with candor and authenticity, I share what it takes to move from insight to concept to business model and then to scale — and especially what leaders can control when it comes to mitigating the inevitable risks that can derail any innovation.

Because every audience is unique, I don’t deliver canned speeches.

I work with each event organizer to understand the audience and goals for the event, both physical and virtual, so that everyone leaves with actionable insights and advice that they can immediately apply.

The Change Maker’s Playbook

I wrote The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation in Any Company, to give leaders under constant pressure to understand and meet fast-changing customer and marketplace needs a proven, real-world framework to innovate with greater predictability.

Available in paperback Fall 2020. Preorder now.



“What’s unusual about Amy is that she has actually led innovation and driven change in very large corporations, and has the ‘stars and scars’ that go along with those roles. Most of all, Amy talks about what works and doesn’t work with a level of candor, integrity and humanity that is all too rare in today’s world.”

David Hicks, Cofounder and CEO, TribeCX

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