A pathfinder and catalyst for leaders seeking bold, powerful, new directions.

Amy Radin
Amy Radin

There is no aspect of business where the old assumptions aren’t being erased and rewritten, where leaders aren’t under pressure to anticipate and adapt more readily to change – or risk being left behind. 

Updating strategies, delivery capabilities, talent, technology, and processes based on what used to work, even recently, does not guarantee success.

These unusual times require leaders to reach beyond known methods and assumptions to find the new pathways towards their business’ ambition and execute with agility and courage despite the inevitable risks, complexities, and unknowns.

I integrate decades of change leadership—combining marketing, digital transformation and innovation expertise, wisdom, and practical know-how—to help clients find and pursue new directions to achieve extraordinary goals.

Amy is a leader who is demanding and relentless in the pursuit of the great.

In The Change Maker’s Playbook she shares her philosophy and methods to transform ‘out-there’ ideas into new real world business models that can change businesses’ growth trajectories and how brands engage with their customers.

Kahina Van Dyke
Operating Partner - Advent International, Fintech Pioneer, F100 Director