An uncommonly pragmatic innovator and problem solver.

Amy is…


A pathfinder

who has created significant new business opportunities for Fortune brands in regulated industries, by uniquely combining and activating decades of experience and wisdom as a marketing, digital transformation, and innovation executive.


A catalyst for change

who has lived the reality of what those charged with innovation and transformative change face, and whose passion is to use her career’s worth of knowledge, insight and learning to ensure today’s change makers accelerate and de-risk their journey to the future.

Dot Connector

A dot connector

whether that means between raw insight and commercial opportunity, nascent concept and business model realities, proven MVP and scale, or old vs. current customer requirements. Amy enables success because she takes an uncommonly pragmatic, goal-oriented approach to helping leaders define and reach their brand’s ambition.


A collaborator

who brings a consequential, relevant perspective to any advisory, consulting, or speaking engagement. In the candid, engaging style for which she is known, Amy shares the accumulated wisdom of a multi-decade career to de-risk and accelerate the changes executives want to introduce – whether those are the development of next generation customer experiences, introducing new technologies, re-thinking their business model, or reshaping an organization and its capabilities to be future ready now.


A visionary

able to inspire teams to do the hard and harder work required to achieve breakthroughs on new challenges from which others might shy away, who also brings the “stars and scars” of an operator who has been in the c-suites of demanding, regulated, and bottom-line oriented enterprises facing disruption.

Thought Leader

A globally recognized thought leader

focused on enabling action and results, acknowledged for her achievements as an innovator and dedicated, passionate leader who links customer insights, technology, design, data analytics and innovation capabilities to help organizations define and create their future.

Amy is spectacular – smart, creative, experienced, connected, disciplined, funny, you name it.

She’s a pleasure to work with. She’s been a great adviser to startups, and to me personally. I look forward to working with her for a long time.

Paul B. Carroll
Editor in chief, Insurance Thought Leadership; Co-founder and Partner, Devil’s Advocate Group