I help set the path between market need and the internal mechanisms to deliver.

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My approach is end-to-end, so it is fully flexible to any innovation priorities.

  • Seeking: Identifying and validating market-driven needs,
  • Seeding: Providing tools and structure to execute, establish the business model, and prepare the go-to-market foundation,
  • Scaling: Guiding through the inevitable, daily obstacles and uncertainties that can derail innovation, and building readiness to anticipate and adapt to what’s next.


I work with founders at select startup companies, as well as owners of established businesses, to:

  • Identify and pursue new business development opportunities
  • Get customer feedback to inform product, sales, servicing, marketing and pivot strategies
  • Create practical approaches to activate an ongoing, vibrant innovation pipeline
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Corporate Leaders

I equip corporate innovation, customer experience, marketing and digital teams to develop and embed the tools and processes for progress, so they can:

  • Align priorities to pressing business and customer needs.
  • Make talent decisions – selection, skills and structure.
  • Establish governance to engage the rest of the organization as partners in shared success.
  • Move concepts forward anticipating and addressing delivery risks and requirements.
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I act as a sounding board to listen to and address the inevitable obstacles that can derail any leader’s innovation ambitions. I provide advisory support informed by my perspective as an executive-level innovator, and startup and middle-market company advisor, working together with clients to:

  • Understand goals and pressing challenges demanding innovation.
  • Create a realistic, ambitious plan of action with metrics and milestones.
  • Have routine dialog of scheduled conversations and on-the-fly check-ins.
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Keynote Speaking

I speak to senior and executive-level audiences across industry sector and growth stage about what it takes to find, build and scale innovations — viable new solutions to pressing problems of their target customers and users.

In uncommonly pragmatic language, with candor and authenticity, I share what it takes to move from insight to concept to business model and then to scale — and especially what leaders can control when it comes to mitigating the inevitable risks that can derail any innovation.

My commitment is that any audience will gain inspiration and immediately useful advice and tools to strengthen their innovation efforts.

Because each audience is unique, I will take the time to listen to your needs and tailor content to your audience.

Popular topics have included:

  • Leading Innovation,
  • What Startups and Big Companies Can Learn From Each Other,
  • On-stage fireside chats allowing for a wide range of topics and audience interaction

Also available:

  • Panel design and facilitation
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Physical or virtual delivery

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    “Amy has fought many innovation battles on the front lines. Her stories bring to life the importance of not accepting traditional organizational push-back and how bravery and persistence really make innovation come alive. Amy kept the audience fully engaged and furiously scribbling notes.”

    Global Team Lead, Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer


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