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Use Your Superpower

Before the holiday champagne starts to flow, the calendar fills with festivities, and you pack up and head off to rest and reenergize before the start of the new year, I want to leave you with a powerful piece of advice from all of the change makers I know, those featured in The Change Maker’s Playbook, and those whose accomplishments to which I am exposed every day:

Charge up your superpower of connecting.

  • Connecting with a broad and diverse network of people, especially people who are, well, just great people. No agenda. No immediate ask. People to whom you feel you can bring value.
  • Connecting with new sources of insight, in any channel or media. You will stumble upon answers and ideas that would otherwise go undiscovered, be a better anticipator, and have more knowledge at the ready to solve the daily challenges of being a change maker.
  • Connecting user behavior to your business model innovations, so you can move quickly from “cool idea” to finding and moving the levers allowing your concepts to be viable, not just operationally and technically, but financially, and at scale.

Change makers don’t succeed at executing innovation because they are tech-heads or financial wizards or crazy geniuses (although those characteristics don’t hurt). Change makers execute innovation because they are fabulous connectors. They connect to people with empathy and authenticity. They connect to knowledge – they chase it and are fueled by it. They connect the dots from concept to reality, and encourage those around them down the path of their vision.

You can register now for a very quick and concise and FREE webinar that in less than an hour will give you an audiovisual overview of The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation In Any Company. The webinar is produced and sponsored by Soundview, a leading publisher helping executives gain access to quick insights from top-selling business books through time-saving summaries. I am honored that the Playbook was selected for the short list of new content being added to the Soundview Library in 2018.

Not free for the webinar? The recording will be placed in Soundview’s archive. Also please visit my newly updated Press Page at AmyRadin.com where you can access recent video and podcasts. I am particularly excited about my recent talk with Michael Krigsman, host of CXOTalk, and a just-published article in AlleyWatch, The Innovation Green Light Moment: Getting Your Venture Ready to Scale.

Enjoy trying out your connecting superpower in the coming weeks!



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