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Fast Company

Three steps to the customer experience that will win hearts and minds

For Those Who Care About CX

Private Company Director

How to hire the right CEO

Global Linker

Eleven resolutions for women entrepreneurs


Fast Company

Excelling during extraordinary times: 12 tips for innovation leaders

Fast Company

Through Fast Company Executive Board, Amy Radin Shares Her Expertise on Innovation and Leadership

Built In

Are You Killing Your Company’s Innovation by Using the Wrong Metrics

Fast Company

Switching up your team? Nine must-do’s for executive hiring success

Podcasts & Videos

The Innovation Show

The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation with Amy Radin

Let's Figure It Out

Let’s Figure It Out


The Ins and Outs of Winning at Innovation


Tips on Influencing for Change Makers

Product Mastery Now

How Product Managers Become Change Makers

Thought Leadership Leverage

Leveraging Thought Leadership

Fast Leader

Where’s Your Junkyard

Inside Outside

Amy Radin, Author of The Change Maker’s Playbook & FinTech Guru

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Amy is a leader who is demanding and relentless in the pursuit of the great.

In The Change Maker’s Playbook she shares her philosophy and methods to transform ‘out-there’ ideas into new real world business models that can change businesses’ growth trajectories and how brands engage with their customers.

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