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Tips on Influence for Change Makers

I recently taped this Facebook Live interview on the Human Intelligence channel to talk about influence, and how the ability to win people over or just get them to consider a viewpoint you feel matters makes a difference. For change makers, who are trying to influence a diverse peer group to invest personal or hard-dollar capital in an innovation, being a great influencer can mean the difference between “sink or sail.” For all of us, influence plays a role in career and in life.

We tend to think about influencing as meaning, “I have to get that Person to agree with me or do something for me.” But in fact, the better way to set yourself up to have influence is to stand in that Person’s shoes — to see things from their perspective and line up whatever you are doing with helping them achieve what is important to them.

Click on this link to access the 7-minute video. You will take away other tips you can use immediately to be a better influencer.

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