Case Study

Marketing & Business Transformation - Ph 2

Marketing Strategy

Applying insights and recommendations gathered in Phase 1 of project for pharma/biotech SaaS business, retained to revamp marketing strategy including brand, go-to-market sales and digital assets, and agency selection and management, and to identify and resolve risks to major product launch.

Based on employee and customer insights effort and competitor assessment, piloted marketing and sales strategy recommendations for product launch, including sourcing and managing agency, and developing digital, sales and PR assets.

Further advanced implementation of marketing recommendations: advised on talent, organization and capability requirements. Recommended marketing metrics and investment roadmap to ensure linkage of marketing activities to business priorities and results.


Organization seeing significant growth opportunities knew it needed to professionalize the marketing function, upgrade talent, structure, skills, capabilities and strategy to be successful.


Introduced potential for a strategic approach to marketing by piloting on a key product launch. With organization buy-in now well-established, applying principles to the brand and product portfolio.


Organization exceeded sales targets on product launch, expanded their offering, attracted significant new talent as part of the effort, and built a strong pipeline for future expansion, launching a new business division based on Phase 1 customer insights recommendations.

Key competitor exited market influenced by Company's success in product launch win rate.

Marketing Strategy

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