Case Study

Marketing & Business Transformation - Ph 1

Business Strategy

For a SaaS platform provider whose solutions are used by the top 25 global big pharma companies, completed a two-phase growth strategy, including assessment, recommendations, and implementation leadership.


Senior leadership team had a general sense of the importance of marketing, and wanted to gain a clear understanding of what that would look like: goals, priorities, metrics, capabilities, and investment required.


Conducted in-depth employee and client interviews to surface brand perceptions, opportunities and challenges across Product, Sales, Technology and Service, and organization readiness for change.

Codified the immediate priorities to assure success of major product launch. Surfaced hidden insights leading to new revenue opportunities and a fresh perspective on the Company's growth potential.


Product launch vastly exceeded targets.

Company established and launched a new business division based on customer insights gathered in interviews, attracting high-quality talent to build the business.

This first-ever experience with a professionalized approach to marketing led to establishing a Marketing function and recruiting a full-time, high potential leader to continue this journey for the Company.

Business Strategy

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