Case Study

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience

For a mid-sized UK merchant bank, partnered with TribeCX, a global CX consultancy, to set the foundation for customer experience strategy by conducting a CX maturity assessment identifying strengths and opportunities based on internal perspectives and external benchmarks for what good looks like. 

Based on employee and customer research and competitor assessment, defined starting point for CX roadmap. Recommendations shaped strategy effort focusing on uniting seven diverse, siloed businesses to develop a CX North Star, including an implementation roadmap, metrics, milestones, and governance.

Assessed CX metrics across all business units, leading to improvements in external reporting and development of upgraded management metrics linking CX investments to business impact to demonstrate the value of CX to stakeholders and assure investment prioritization.


Enterprise created through multiple acquisitions lacked a coherent customer experience North Star, metrics, tools, capabilities, and processes to achieve and demonstrate business impact.


Through a sprint-based approach engaged business unit stakeholders to develop a common North Star, roadmap, and metrics with freedom within the framework to adapt to each business unit’s unique needs


  • The CX conversation has been elevated to the boardroom, with active sponsorship
  • CX stakeholders have a metrics framework to demonstrate business value
  • Organization is energized to pursue implementation
  • Business units are leveraging and learning from each other, accelerating change
  • All-colleague and project team applied learning programs are underway to scale impact and deliver the CX north star consistently across seven diverse lines of business.
Customer Experience

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