Case Study

CEO Confidante & Advisor

CEO Confidante Advisor

For the incoming CEO of a top credit union with a national digital footprint served as confidante and advisor supporting a cultural and operational turnaround and expansion strategy.


A newly onboarded CEO, recognizing the depth of the challenges in an organization that had stagnated under prior leadership, wanted to build momentum quickly and ensure executive and board member alignment.


Interviewed the executive team and board members to establish priorities and identify “hot button” issues.

Served as interim head of digital and marketing through organization transition. Advised on organization restructuring and supported recruiting for key open positions.

Formed a cross-functional, cross-business team to design and deliver the company’s CX North Star including an execution roadmap, pilot plan, metrics, culture requirements, and governance framework.


  • Executives and board are aligned.
  • Top talent is onboard in Marketing, HR, and Corporate Communications.
  • CEO sees the North Star as a cornerstone of the company's transformation.
  • Momentum has accelerated, and employee survey reflects growing optimism, and support for the CEO’s agenda.
CEO Confidante Advisor

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