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Book Excellence Best Business Book 2020 Now In Paperback

By Amy Radin

In every direction, reflected in every conversation with executives, board members, founders and just “regular people” I hear and see the urgent need to innovate and transform our way to recovery, rebuilding, and reinvention.

Change is all around us. Whole sectors, such as commercial real estate, are seeing their business models no longer working. Others, like fashion and retail, are experiencing the acceleration of trends years in the making, now forcing a reckoning that may have been easier to ignore or rationalize at the start of 2020.

While the “out of business” or “permanently closed” signs are saddening and unavoidable, there are also signs of renewal and rebirth. Founders in my network are conserving cash, adapting quickly, and seizing new opportunities. While we’ve got a long and unpredictable road ahead, crises have a way of forcing people to abandon the status quo and embrace new ways of doing things, new habits, new resolve.

Why release the paperback edition now?

Late last year, Simon & Schuster approached me about issuing The Change Maker’s Playbook in paperback. In hindsight, I could not be happier we moved ahead, as shortly after that decision, the Playbook was named the Book Excellence Best Business Book of 2020. More important, re-reading the book from cover-to-cover confirmed to me how relevant the book’s advice, tools, stories and guidance remain – in fact, how much more relevant they are now because we must act quickly and effectively to get our communities back on their feet.

The Playbook’s Seek, Seed and Scale framework presents stories, down-to-earth examples, and realistic, pragmatic ways to drive progress — from how to define problems worth solving, prototype, determine viable execution strategies, build the business model, test and experiment, scale, and anticipate and adapt to what’s next.

The Good News

The Playbook paperback edition is now available for preorder at Amazon or your favorite online bookseller, scheduled for release on September 8. Check out the free download of select content including the newly added Preface and endorsements from leading startup founders and corporate innovators.

More News: Virtual Speaking and Workshops

One of the bright spots of our current condition is that time and distance have become irrelevant to contributing as a speaker to any audience globally looking for insights on how to strengthen their innovation execution muscle. I have an active schedule of virtual engagements and I am booking now for Fall and early 2021.  Please take a look at my newly updated Speaker Reel for a quick sense of how I equip and inspire audiences to innovate for results, tapping into my passion and expertise, what I learn every day from my network, and of course, the research undertaken for the Playbook, regular blog posts, and published articles.

I’m eager to assist senior leaders, executives and their boards define and execute the sometimes non-obvious but essential breakthroughs for success on the new terms of business. Please reach out to me at or via LinkedIn. You can also access my calendar here to schedule a 30-minute call.

Stay well.  Stay safe.  Keep innovating.


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About Amy Radin

Amy Radin is an adviser, speaker and author, working with executives and senior leaders to deliver growth through meaningful innovation. She offers an uncommonly pragmatic and disciplined approach that begins with pinpointing high-potential unmet market needs, and from there provides a proven framework for “what to do next” and how to lead through the inevitable, daily challenges any organization will face in pursuit of innovation.
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Amy is a leader who is demanding and relentless in the pursuit of the great.

In The Change Maker’s Playbook she shares her philosophy and methods to transform ‘out-there’ ideas into new real world business models that can change businesses’ growth trajectories and how brands engage with their customers.

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